Your Donation

Your Donation

Your Good Deed for the Day
Through your donation to the Association you will be supporting our children in the children’s home ‘Schritte der Hoffnung’ at Daia, Romania. With your help we can provide the children with a good individual training and thereby promote and support their personal development directly.

Our hope and our objective is to raise happy and healthy children, to help them to overcome their often difficult pasts and to help them on their way to a better future. We are urgently dependent on your financial support.

Financial donations, large and small, will help us carry out our work locally in Daia; to this end you can choose between a free will offering, a sponsorship or membership of the Association. Our Committee works entirely voluntarily and seeks to ensure that our operating costs are kept as low as possible. Your donation will thus benefit the children directly.

Thank you for your donation!

Freedom from taxation and ZEWO certification
The Association carries the Zewo seal of approval and is tax exempt; this means that your contribution to our work may be deducted from your taxable income.


Verein Schritte der Hoffnung
Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich
Konto Nr: 1100-2967.792
Konto Inhaber: Verein Schritte der Hoffnung

IBAN: CH62 0070 0110 0029 6779 2
Bankclearing: 700